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Achieving Goals


Design and Fabrication of  Rotary-Linear Switched Reluctance Motor

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

RLSRM Advantages:

  • Producing linear and rotary motions in an integrated structure

  • No need to mechanical motion converter

  • High reliability

  • Less maintenance

  • High efficiency

  • Capability to be used in applications with space limitations

By creating a motor capable of both linear and rotational movements, McClick Inc. reduces the need for two separate motors and mechanical adapters. Rotary Linear Switched Reluctance Motor prototypes developed by the Company are energy efficient and applicable for use in industries such as automotive, transport, and home appliance

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Design and Fabrication of Sensorless Drive for Switched Reluctance Motor

In addition to SRM design, we design and fabricate control system for SRMs. Various types of sensorless control methods have been implemented by digital signal controllers. Low cost micro controller based systems are also available.


Design, Modeling, and Optimization of Electrical Motors

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. The Company also provides Design, Modeling, and Optimization of electrical machines and drives as well as consultancy and maintenance services

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Design and fabrication of multi-layer Switched Reluctance Motor

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